Why Choose Us?


Why Choose Us for Aged Care Financial Advice? Because we do this all day, every day!

RFS Aged Care is based right here on the Gold Coast and is one of the few Queensland businesses that specialises in independent financial planning advice for people entering Aged Care Residences. We understand it can be a confusing and stressful time and we will walk you or your representative through the whole process including the selection of a residence, completion of the (extensive) documentation and negotiation of any fees.

Additionally we will provide a strategy that where possible, minimises the cost to the resident’s estate, while achieving the desired levels of comfort and security.

We know that the preferred result for everyone is to stay in their own home but when that isn’t an option, let us help us find you a new one.

All initial consultations are done at our cost and you will know if and how we can help you before we move to the formal advice stage.

This is what clients said about our services in our recent Survey when asked:

“Thinking about all your experiences over the last 12 months, how satisfied are you overall with RFS?”

  • Clear and precise advice relating to our needs
  • I find Natalie not only very personable, but also very thorough in her genuine interest in relation to my personal situation, advice, exploration of suitable investment matches and in following up on outcomes.
  • I found Natalie extremely helpful and gave me the confidence that I required
  • Natalie is able to help with all my current needs. She is very comfortable to be with and helps me understand why things need to be done in specific ways. I feel welcomed when I enter the office. Rachel is also able to make me feel confident in my choice and the care I am getting from this group of ladies.
  • Natalie was easy to talk to and had a wealth of knowledge relevant to what we required. She listened to our needs and then gave advice that was suitable and to the point. Her advice negated losing a greater part of government pension.
  • Natalie’s attention to detail that indeed reflect our feelings, needs, thoughts, ideas, wishes and preferences! All this information has been obtained from our Annual reviews/ impending retirement meetings and general communication from emails, phone calls etc.
  • Basically, the working relationship we have with Natalie, I think, just reflects the mutual respect we have for each other.
  • Professional, friendly & positive returns.
  • The advise has been spot on. Investments are doing well.
  • Their personal contacts and the overall performance of our portfolio matched and in some cases exceeded our expectations.
  • Trust in Natalie.
  • Very happy with Natalie’s advice and her professionalism always made comfortable at meetings and thoughtful.
  • Everything I have experienced with RFS has been very positive & for the benefit of their clients.
  • Excellent advice and courtesy.
  • They have always been helpful and have responded quickly to any requests, questions or problems.
  • Trusted assistance.