Social isolation may be easy for some, but has proven a difficult task for many. There’s never been a more important time to check in with loved ones and ask, “Are you okay?”…

Below we’ve listed a variety of handy online services to help make a period of self isolation a little easier, and whilst you may already be aware of what’s available for our convenience, keep in mind any family or elders in your community who might benefit from any of these online tools:

Home Medicine Services

For anyone in isolation who requires regular prescription medication, Home Medicines Service allows you to have medications delivered from your regular pharmacy. You can either contact your local pharmacy or visit the Australian Government Department of Health website for more information.

Note: At least one medication must be included on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme or Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in order to qualify for Home Medicines Service.

Digital mental health resource:


The Head to Health website offers a range of digital mental health services such as apps, web programs, phone services, forums and other online services, provided by Australia’s most trusted health organisations.

Head to Health is currently providing accurate information and advice for those concerned with the Covid-19 outbreak, with fantastic recommendations for maintaining mental health during isolation, and links to useful resources by Beyond Blue, Lifeline, MindSpot and other reputable government sources.

This is a great website to share with anyone you know who may be struggling during the isolation period, or with older family members who are unaware of the many resources available to them online.

Food delivery

Firstly, we recommend jumping on the website or social media account of your favourite local restaurants and cafes. Many are offering unique takeaway options, home delivery or drive through options. It’s a great way to avoid contact with others, make life easier for you in the home, and also support local businesses doing it tough.

UberEats is a great app for home food delivery. They charge just a small delivery fee to help your favourite local restaurants bring your meal right to your door step. Over 22 000 restaurants are signed up with the delivery service across Australia, and all delivery workers have been trained to provide ‘contactless’ delivery of your food.  

Social Media

The number one tool for maintaining social connections during self isolation is social media. Both Facebook and Instagram provide a platform for staying in touch with friends and loved ones, providing space to share regular updates, videos and photos keeping you connected with others. Whilst most of you will have a social media account already, consider making the suggestion to any elderly family members who may not be quite as connected. Learning how to navigate these new age platforms may also be a fun and educational way to pass the time.

Remember during this challenging time that it’s important to maintain social connections, exercise regularly, eat healthy foods to maintain strong immunity, stick to your usual routines and also use any spare time to tick off some bucket list items or start a new hobby. is a great visual discovery platform to get you inspired, with everything from recipes, DIY tutorials, design ideas and other imagery to spark your creativity flow. YouTube is another great resource for tutorial videos, educational tools for the whole family, and don’t forget the Ted Talks channel for a whole library of informative presentations.

Need more information specific to the Coronavirus outbreak?

National Coronavirus hotline 1800 020 080 (24/7)